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Shaun White

Shaun White

Published: Jan 13, 2023

So, I Tried to Up My Booze Game with the Flaviar Spirits Subscription Service

I had a large group of friends coming over for a get-together. Usually, I just grab some beer and wine and call it a day. But I decided to try something different this time.

Flaviar has been doing the rounds on the internet. Partly spurred on by curiosity, partly hoping to treat my guests to something really special, I decided to take the plunge.

I had high-end alcohol delivered to my door — for free.

Of course, I have to tell you how that went down now. Should I have stuck with my boring booze routine, or does Flaviar live up to the hype?

How Does Flaviar Work?

Flaviar is a unique liquor subscription club that offers three membership tiers:

  • Monthly ($60)
  • Three-monthly ($110)
  • Annual ($315)

Joining Flaviar doesn’t just allow you to gain access to exclusive and usually insanely expensive spirits at a hefty discount — the service also sends free liquor straight to your doorstep.

Monthly membership gets you a fine bottle of liquor of your choice or an exciting tasting box with three exclusive spirits. Tasting boxes come with three samples that allow you to dive into the world of high-end alcohol risk-free. Like what you taste? Order a whole bottle for a great price. Not impressed? Move on.

When I say “great price,” I mean it:

Flaviar bottles are on average ~ $30 cheaper than Amazon/local store prices.

I actually compiled an Excel file to calculate that with all price comparisons I could find. If you want access to that, email me and I will post it. Here is an excerpt:

  • Don Julio –  $20.49 more expensive on Amazon
  • Aberlour –  $35.80 more expensive on Amazon
  • Hibiki – could not find available on Amazon, or my local store (I could only find it available on Amazon)

Because you only commit for one month, you could just grab your free bottle or tasting box and move on — or choose to keep receiving new liquors every month.

Joining Flaviar for three months gets you three products, and annual membership lets you walk away with a grand total of eight exclusive liquor products. That’s a great option for anyone who wants to mix and match bottles and tasting boxes, as well as a damn good gift to a friend.

Some Bottles I Got The Chance to Try (and price compare):

The Verdict: Is Flaviar Worth It?

I’ll be honest — I don’t know that much about fine spirits, so when a friend recommended Flaviar to me, I instantly knew I had to give it a shot. I was looking for great booze for my party, so I went for the three-month membership and picked a tasting box and a bottle.

First thoughts? I was blown away by the gorgeous presentation of the tasting box. Flaviar’s tasting boxes are beautifully packaged and contain three unique vials (marked A, B, and C — really adding to the feeling that you’re embarking on an exciting experiment).

I liked all the spirits Flaviar sent me, and I was going to throw a party… so I went ahead and ordered two more bottles. (You bet. Flaviar’s prices are significantly lower than Amazon’s, plus they have a whole range of liquors you’d have a very hard time finding anywhere else.)

Excited to Learn More About Flaviar? A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons

A Flaviar subscription gets you:

  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual access to free samples or full-sized bottles of fine liquor (depending on your choice!)
  • Fine liquor at amazing prices and with free shipping

Flaviar Prices Compared to Amazon

Screenshot from 2023-06-29 01-50-21

$59,95 on Amazon. Checked in my local store, but couldn’t find this. This was one of the bottles I sampled – it was amazing.

Just $46.99 through Flaviar – not to mention free shipping.

Here’s why I loved Flaviar and will be renewing my membership:

  • Flaviar is a wonderful way to discover new favorites — say goodbye to the go-to drinks you don’t really love
  • The tasting boxes are beautifully presented
  • Each sample comes with informative notes — Flaviar doesn’t just let you get a taste of the best, it also helps you become a true connoisseur over time

The cons? Apart from the fact that you risk developing an expensive liquor habit (including gifting subscriptions to all your friends), a few bottles are available at a lower cost elsewhere. However, the free samples and bottles that come with your membership more than make up for that.

Booze Has Never Been This Exciting: Join Flaviar Today!

Does the thought of fine booze on your doorstep every month tickle your fancy, or do you just want to take advantage of Flaviar’s great deals for a month?

If you feel like signing up, use this link here.

Go on! Join Flaviar to enjoy the finest spirits the world has to offer today, and earn yourself a fine excuse to host a party!
Don’t forget to tell me what samples you picked and share your experience! I always love hearing from my friends and subscribers — especially if I helped you discover something cool.


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