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Subscription Review – Flaviar

This month, I want to highlight Flaviar – a personal favorite I’m subscribed to.

Flaviar has been a game-changer for me. I get great discounts and amazing samples delivered free to my door every month

Most subscription boxes don’t do free shipping, or give you the chance to select samples. Flaviar does. The sampling portion has been my favourite part of the subscription – but there are a few other benefits I want to share below.

1) Get Premium Liquor Bottles for Cheap

Gain access to member-only discounts on fine spirits, including rum, whiskey, gin, and more.

2) Don’t Want to Buy a Bottle Right Away?

Get samples of expensive liquor, so you know what to go for.

3) Master Your Taste Palate

Learn how to look like a badass at the bar with your refined knowledge.

And, look like a spirits expert in front of your friends.

My Experience

So 2 months ago, I decided to give Flaviar a shot hoping to spice up my liquor game. Gotta admit, they really nailed it with the free delivery of those delightful samples and full-sized bottles. I’m all about convenience, and having them show up at my doorstep without any extra charges? Pure bliss. And let me tell you, sharing those high-end liquor samples with my buddies was an absolute blast. We turned it into a little tasting session, trying different flavors, discussing notes, and making our sophisticated decisions on which bottles to buy next.

One downside would be the educational videos provided by Flaviar. I was pretty stoked, thinking they would turn me into a spirits connoisseur overnight. But, to be honest, they didn’t quite hit the spot for me. I ended up going down a YouTube rabbit hole instead, finding more relatable and engaging content. Hey, we all have our preferred learning methods, right?

But above all, the best part so far is the discounts! Flaviar has some seriously discounted high-end liquor. It felt like a win-win situation—I got to treat myself without breaking the bank. Plus, I couldn’t resist grabbing some discounted bottles for my buddies as well. Who doesn’t love being the one to bring the good stuff to the party? Flaviar definitely elevated my liquor game, and I’m looking forward to exploring more exclusive flavors and great deals with them in the coming months. Cheers to that!


In conclusion, despite not fully connecting with the educational videos, Flaviar’s convenient free delivery, enjoyable tasting experiences with friends, and enticing discounts have undeniably elevated my liquor journey and left me excited for the future.

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